Ralph's Daily Devotional - Wednesday, May 30

In an article today on CNN, I read the headline, "Was Moses Real?"  Intrigued, I read what I already knew: "Most historical scholars doubt Moses ever existed.  There is no corroborating evidence from Egyptian sources."  

Often believers when reading such articles become alarmed.  Is what we believe simply a myth?  Should we consign Moses to the adjacent Greek tales of Hercules and Perseus? 

I am not surprised by the article.  First, we need to recognize that most scholarship today on every level is the product of secular and often insular education that begins with a skeptical, if not hostile bias, naively viewing the Bible as a less than credible source of historical information.  To most, the Bible was written by ignorant, gullible people who built their stories on oral traditions hundred of years after the fact, thus they created their stories based on mere assumptions both  historically unreliable and unproven.

I know this.  During my 3 years of graduate study, I learned in depth how and why most modern historical scholars reject not only Moses, but call in suspicion the historical veracity of Jesus Himself.  Until recently, scholars debated the existence of kind David.  Today, with new discoveries, they admit that he indeed lived.

A century ago, Abraham was considered a myth.  Again, today, after new discoveries, scholars concede that he also lived.  Many once doubted the existence of Herod until recent evidence changed their minds. 

The real issue that most ignore is the testimonial evidence of Scripture.  Gone are the days of faith.  Today, everything and anything is laid bare under the test of empirical evidence.  But for the believer, while outside evidence is welcomed by faith, it is not weakened without it.  Our trust in the Bible is God Himself.  We are only human, and at times victims of doubt.   Even were they able to verify that Moses once lived, the story of God's work in his life and Israel lies not in historical verification but in Biblical revelation (2 Timothy 3:16).

You simply cannot "verify" that he saw God in the burning bush!  But we can verify the results of Israel's amazing history.  Was it all a hoax?  An accident?  A myth?  Truth?  What do you say?

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