Ralph's Daily Devotional - Wednesday, June 7

Exodus 3:8 describes the promised land (Cannan) as a land "flowing with milk and honey."  Fortifying their hopes against their present desperate plight in Egypt, Moses and his people were promised an incredible blessing in a land of unfathomable riches when they entered into the promised land after their exodus.

Many secular ancient records testify to Canaan's riches: Sinuhe, an Egyptian high official who for political reasons took flight into that very land in 1900 B.C., observed: "It was a good land filled with grapes and figs.  It had more wine than water.  Its honey was plentiful with an abundance of olives.  Every kind of fruit was on its trees.  Barley was there and no limit of cattle."

In 1490 B.C., the annals of an Egyptian military campaign led by Thutmosis the third mentioned the spoils of war taken, including "grain, wine, large and small cattle."  From just the city of Megiddo alone, the king reported that he took "1900 cows, 20,000 sheep, and 207,000 sacks of wheat (450,000 bushels)."

These records testify to the prolific riches of the land promised to Moses.  The Hebrew word for "honey" more likely refers not to the honey of bees, but the sweet syrup produced by grapes, especially dates.

When God promises something good, you can be assured it more than meets our limited human expectations.  How great then are the things yet to come for God's people (1 Corinthians 2:9)!

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