Ralph's Daily Devotional - Wednesday, June 27

Exodus 12:29-30 is a staggering reminder of the God we serve.  Yes, He is a God of love, and we hear that over and over.  But He is also a God of justice and holiness.  He can be terrifying at times.  This plague was no afterthought, nor was it one that arose out of an uncontrollable fit of God's rage.  It was a carefully orchestrated and foreknown act in which God both delivered His people and severely judged Egypt for its many years of promoting an agenda of terror and unjustified pain upon His people.

While to some degree the former plagues were rooted in natural causes for the realization of God's purposes, there can be no doubt that this final act afforded no such causal natural explanation.  Moses did not have a part in this final act.  It was totally from God Himself who sent His "destroyer" (presumably an angel of judgment as seen in Revelation's many accounts.)

Angels are not the cute dimpled babies as often depicted.  They can at times be too terrible to contemplate in their ability to destroy the whole planet were they given permission by God.  I often think of the robot Gort from the classic film The Day The Earth Stood Still as a visible example of such power, as his single power could defeat the world:

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