Ralph's Daily Devotional - Wednesday, July 18

Mark 2:27 

With these words Jesus defines the true meaning of the Sabbath, separating Himself from many religious teachers of his day.  They felt He was too liberal, to the point of sinning.  Mark 3:1-6 vividly details an early clash with Jesus and such people.

It's important to understand that Jesus kept the Sabbath day along with His disciples.  In fact, the earliest Christians, being all Jews, kept the Sabbath day.  They also worshiped at the temple and kept the kosher laws for a number of years until Peter and Paul were to later learn the freedom from such Old Testament laws.  Then, slowly, the church began celebrating worship on Sunday

Groups such as the 7th Day Adventists often use Jesus and the first Christians as examples for us to continue worshiping on the Saturday Sabbath, and to turn away from Sunday as the traditional day of Christian worship.  Their argument is, "If Jesus kept the 7th day Sabbath, why don't you?"  Some even teach that worshiping on Sunday, a day originally pagan in nature, is offensive to God and dismissing of His commandment, which is a sign of being unsaved!

How did it come to pass that the church changed days?  Is there any Biblical evidence supporting such a change from Saturday to Sunday?  How does one keep the Sabbath today as a Christian?  Does worship on a given day even matter?  These questions will be explored as we continue teaching on this controversial commandment.

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