Ralph's Daily Devotional - Tuesday, May 8

Today we begin the Book of Exodus, but first we need to consider some background.  There is a mystery and majesty to this book.  Like John's gospel, one never feels that they have fully explored its vast depths.  For those wishing to go deeper, the best Biblical commentary of Exodus that is available for laypeople is by a Jewish scholar, Nuhum Sarna.

Exodus was never meant to be read as fiction.  It is very straightforward in stating that these events really occurred just as recorded.  The whole Bible rests on the literal facts that are presented here.  Jesus himself took the book of Exodus as historical fact (Luke 24:44).  The entire basis for Israel's existence and purpose rests on the events as recorded in Exodus.

Nevertheless, the general consensus today is that Exodus is simply a legendary myth or at best an embellishment of certain traditions, and that Moses himself never existed.  I don't want to overwhelm you with material on this subject, so I've enclosed a brief but important article on the subject here: - you should read it.

Exodus is part of what we call the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament.  These books are referred to as the law or "Torah" by the Jews, and really define what Judaism is all about.  All five books were authored by Moses, although there is no doubt that others had some part in its writing as well, as evidenced by Deuteronomy 34:5.

The  exact date of the Exodus is somewhat problematic, but the events probably occurred sometime around 1250 B.C.  May God bless our devotional study of this amazing book.

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