Ralph's Daily Devotional - Tuesday, May 15

In Exodus 1:8-14, a new king, one far less amicable to the Hebrew people, comes into power.  Unlike the former Pharaohs who accepted them for Joseph's sake, this man considers them a threat.  One senses tension and hostility.

Many scholars believe that in actuality, this "new king" may have been a part of the Hyksos invasion - a large, foreign, ethnic conglomeration that took over parts of Egypt from the 18th to 16th century, causing great destruction, humiliation and conflict to the proud Egyptian people.  They were ultimately defeated, but it took 150 years of fighting to do so.

This helps explain this king's coldness and concern over the Hebrews.  They might rise up and join forces with the Egyptians against him.  Draconian measures are needed to subdue them.

None of this takes God by surprise (Genesis 15:13).  It is all part of a greater and good plan, for Egypt, despite its  present harshness, has been a sanctuary where the Hebrews could multiply under the umbrella and window of Egypt's security until the time of their Exodus.  That window of security as we see here is now closing, and God will soon bring His people into a new phase of their future and freedom.

Who can fathom the mind of God?  His ways are unsearchable!  What may appear as evil may be used for good, and what may appear as good may indeed be evil!  Only by trusting in His power and promises can we find security.  In the darker times, He is yet there, as He reminds Moses: "I have indeed seen the sufferings of My people and have come to deliver them!"

Are you struggling? Do you have an "Egypt" in your life at the moment that seems to hold you down, threaten your security and remove your hope and joy?  God has not forsaken you!  Your day of deliverance is coming!  "Fear Not!" says the Lord, "For I am with you!"

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