Ralph's Daily Devotional - Tuesday, January 31

Proverbs 6:6-11


There are times when just relaxing and taking it easy are important for one's health and mind.  In this hectic age of "I need it now," many feel a sense of guilt unless they are always busy, and that's not good.  But neither is laziness.

7 common traits of Lazy people are:

1. Liking to put things off

2. Rarely finishing what they start, and when they do it's usually sub-par

3. Having little tenacity or drive (under-achieving)

4. Being always on the lookout for a shortcut to anything

5. Avoiding pain whenever possible

6. Often being unreliable

7. Tending to complain when any tasks are given


The early church had some members who were lazy at heart (2 Thessalonians 3:6,10).  Here, the common ant is exemplified.  Ants are industrious, task-oriented and tenacious.  Those three qualities ensure that they always get the job done.  Crush an anthill and those little guys almost immediately start a new one!  

Ants never go on strike.  They seem impervious to hardship and discouragement, and they get by with very few comforts.  They work incessantly and show an ability to focus on incredible projects, which, for their size, dwarf that of man in comparison.  Tiny ants, working as a team, can build anthills ten inches high!

Ants have no ego to bruise.  Their purpose is driven by what they accomplish for the good of the larger body.  They are a marvel of complexity and conformity.  I would not be surprised to see ants in the new heaven and earth.  God gets a kick out of these little guys.  When was the last time you "considered " them instead of spraying them?  Remember, to an ant, you are the pest!

If you have an aunt in your family, you know how hard they work (sorry, I couldn't help myself).  And by the way, aren't you glad that God is not lazy?  Imagine Him still just on day 4 of creation. We wouldn't be here!

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