Ralph's Daily Devotional - Tuesday, February 27

We now look in Exodus as we continue our series on plants in the Bible.  Exodus 3:1-6 is a story well known to us.  It begins with a bush that burns yet is not consumed.  The Hebrew name for bush is "s'neh" and only appears only twice in the Bible.

This bush was most likely the prickly type that grows in humid soil and is about a yard high.  It has flowers similar to small roses and fruits similar to raspberries that turn black when ripe. 

But of course what makes this bush unique is that it is a representation of the eternal God.  This is what we call a "theophany" which means "appearance of God."  There are many other such appearances in the Bible.  In Exodus, for example, we have God manifesting His presence in a cloud of glory as well as a pillar of fire.

Why would God appear in this way?  No doubt because no one at present can see the face of God, but one day the Bible promises that we shall (1 Corinthians 13:12; Revelation 21:1-5).

The sight of this bush prompted a quest and life-changing event for Moses.  It's important to note that God is the one in Scripture who always initiates the process that brings us to Him.  In other words, the path to finding God is always begun by God and not ourselves.  Yet we must also respond by seeking out whatever revelation He gives.  We see this again in Matthew's gospel with the star and the Magi.  First the star appeared and then they followed.  So first God finds us and then we find Him.  It is always a gift of grace.

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