Ralph's Daily Devotional - Thursday, March 8

In Matthew 6:28-34, the flower our Lord speaks of is the lily.  It is doubtful that this is the same white lily common today.  The lily Jesus refers to inhabits the rocky places of Palestine and its color can be red, yellow or blue.  It's also possible that the word "lily" used here has a broader meaning and may be a generic term for flowers.  Palestine in Jesus' day had a great variety of them, especially in the area near the lake of Galilee where Jesus lived out his early youth.  We can imagine Him spending those early years walking through the fields while contemplating nature's beauty and God's love.

It's obvious here that Jesus was a nature lover.  He appreciated and respected nature in all of its diversity and beauty.  He also understood, being a realist, that nothing in this life last forever and that things die.  He referred to this when he described "being thrown into the oven," symbolizing natural death. 

For Jesus, flowers surpassed the wealth and beauty even of Solomon's ostentatious wealth and gold.  Yet, as He noted, not even the birds and flowers could compare to a human being's worth.  They reflect God's glory while we reflect God's image!

As such, we are "much more valuable" in God's eyes.  To tragically lose ourselves in materialism is to live a life ultimately destined for loss, vanity and emptiness.  That is what the Lord is saying to us here. 

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