Ralph's Daily Devotional - Thursday, June 21

In bringing on the plagues to Egypt as described, it is clear that not only were the Egyptians being judged, but also the very gods of Egypt (Exodus 12:12Numbers 33:4).  Both the Nile and the sun had corresponding gods who were worshiped as protectors of the life-giving waters and light.  Polluting the Nile and darkening the sun as God did would have had a devastating moral and spiritual impact on its worshipers.

The Pharaoh himself was considered a god.  The plagues acted out in a decided way a contest between both powers, with Pharaoh ending in defeat and humiliation.  There really was no contest other than that of will in which, for a time, pharaoh seemed to prevail.  His ignominious end revealed the truth of Isaiah: "I am the Lord.  There is no other."  This will soon give impetus to the words "Thou shall have no other gods before you."  As Israel witnessed in Egypt, there is but one God worthy of worship.

In reality there was a hidden battle going on: one between Satan and the Lord Almighty.  We see this in the gospels as demonic activity increased during Christ's ministry of liberating those caught in sin and death, and by the cross making a spectacle of Satan's defeat (Colossians 2:15).  The defeat of the Egyptian demonic gods in Exodus was a precursor to that ultimate triumph.

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