Ralph's Daily Devotional - Thursday, June 14

Exodus 4:10-17 is a fascinating passage.  Moses' cry to God, "Get somebody else," reveals that all his excuses were not rooted simply in difficult circumstances, but rather in an unwilling heart.  He tried in vain to excuse himself only to find his limited human experience and talent were not the qualifications to either excuse or qualify him for God's task at hand.

It is God who would both equip Moses and execute His plan through him.  Having exhausted all excuses and facing God's controlled but passionate anger, he relinquished all self-imposed negative reasoning and submitted.  As Sarma stated, "Moses cannot escape his destiny." 

His brother Aaron was enlisted as an asset and resource, but it was Moses who would have center stage.  After assembling the elders, the signs were performed before them, and the affirmation was given for Moses to go and represent the Hebrews before pharaoh.  What could possibly go wrong?

"If God is for us who can be against us?"  Well, a lot could go wrong, and it did, culminating as we will see with the Hebrew slaves' workload multiplying, ensuring that Moses for the time-being would be nominated as loser of the year by his own people.

There is no guarantee that we cannot fail when God has a plan.  However, failure is not the same as defeat.  Defeat is to give up and see life as futile and hopeless.  God will not allow a momentary failure to defeat His plan.

There are many setbacks in the life of faith, but in the end it is God's will that overcomes and we with Him.

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