Ralph's Daily Devotional - Monday, May 28

Exodus 2:11-12Acts 7:23-30Hebrews 11:23-27
Murder by the Sly

Moses kills an Egyptian.  The writer gives no comment or judgment here, and only reports the facts.  Moses steps to the rescue, revealing his passion for his fellow Hebrews.

Very little detail is given but enough to understand the situation he now finds himself in.  It was either look away and see his fellow Hebrew brother die or take action.  Beatings of this type were brutal, often resulting in a slave's death.  It will cause Moses to abandon his high, secure position and flee. 

Here Moses reveals himself as one identifying with his people, to the point of physically resisting the terrible evils thrust on his fellow Hebrews.  He demonstrates courage and disdain for all his material blessings as a royal Egyptian, and is willing rather to sacrifice himself for his enslaved people.  However, he may have been overly impulsive or he may have been a hero.  Scripture again makes no judgment either way on his actions.

Obviously there are many ethical questions raised in this story revolving around Moses killing the Egyptian.  The sermon on the mount and the call to love our enemies are certainly the norm for Christians when facing abuse and persecution.  Yet there are times in which we must stand up against injustice and even bear arms to protect those who prey upon the powerless. 

Today in America, the state affords us police and a justice system to hopefully bring order and justice.  But what do we do when any governmental state, as in the case of Egypt, becomes corrupt and demonic?  What would you do if you witnessed this brutality?  Call 911?  Strike back  Pray?  Think about it.

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