Ralph's Daily Devotional - Monday, June 18

Exodus 5:1-23 reveals things moving quickly from bad to worse.  Moses was simply doing what God required, yet it appears that his actions were not only a dismal failure, but that he incurred the wrath of his own people.  Pharaoh's edict was devastating.

Straw was essential and was mixed with clay which acted as a binding element that gave greater strength and plasticity to the bricks.  Without straw, the bricks would shrink and lose their shape.  The average quota for a slave brick maker was 2000 bricks a day!  To meet such fearful quotas,  slaves' wives were forced to help.

The effect of Pharaoh's blistering edict had a demoralizing effect, causing an organized protest party to be sent in hopes of dissuading pharaoh.  This was the first "labor protest movement" we have in written history.  Instead of proving their point, their words had the opposite effect.  Pharaoh has to go down as one of the all-time nastiest guys in Scripture.  He gave Herod a good run for his money!

Meanwhile, Moses put the blame onto God, saying, "You haven't done anything!"  He literally told God, "It's time for action!  Words are not going to change anything."

All of us have at times felt this kind of disappointment with God.  We hold to His promise and yet nothing seems to happen for the better.  Sometimes things actually get worse!  In such situations we have a choice:  We can blame Him or we can trust Him.  Usually it's a little of both!  But all is not lost here.

God will soon reveal to Moses and Israel not only His promise, but His power.  But it will be in His own time and way.  We all at times need an "exodus" from our own trials and struggles.  Sometimes all one can do is plead before the Lord and then wait and trust for His timing and power to deliver, praying the words of the Lord's prayer, "Deliver us from evil."

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