Ralph's Daily Devotional - Monday, February 5

We all know that sinking feeling when the pause button is hit on our hopes.  So did Solomon (Proverbs 13:12).  We thought that our hope was going to blossom into reality - a door to a brighter future!  Then that door closes unexpectedly.

It might be a wonderful interview for a job that seemed to go so well.  You've waited hopefully each day, but finally you begin to realize that it's not going to happen.  Maybe it's the hope that your illness is completely healed, only to be told that you now require further treatment.  Or, perhaps it's a relationship that you had hoped would last and, sadly, it didn't.  

Your heart grows sick of hearing the words, "maybe next time," "not now" and "maybe later."  Some people become bitter and cynical, giving up on believing in anything or anyone - even God. 

There are many passages about having hope, but few about what to do when hope is dashed to pieces.  One good one is John 14:1-6, in which the disciples are dismayed and discouraged over the news that Jesus is soon to leave.  Upon hearing this, their hearts become that of Proverbs 13:12.

Jesus' answer is, "Let not your hearts be troubled...I am the way, the truth and the life."  He is saying to them and to us, "Listen! I am your hope!"

 All of our hopes in this life are uncertain and at best temporary.  It's okay to be discouraged and disappointed at times in this life.  We all experience this.  But we also need to realize that the promises and hopes of Jesus are certain, eternal and far greater than anything we can as yet imagine.

The best is yet to come! Jesus loves you and will not let you down!

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