Ralph's Daily Devotional - Monday, February 19

How much time do you spend considering plants?  Probably little.  But Genesis teaches us that plants were foremost on God's mind after the creation of the universe, then light, water and finally soil - all of the essential ingredients for plants (Genesis 1:11).  Without plants, there could be no life as we know it.  Besides providing food, shelter, oxygen and climate control, they're simply beautiful.  Imagine a world without green grass and trees!

Genesis 1:29 states that man began as a vegetarian.  Perhaps the Genesis writer is symbolizing that prior to sin, Eden was free of all death, including that of animals.  We cannot press this too far since little information is given to us.  Further, many believe that animal death existed long before man.  This mystery is very heightened in Genesis 9:1-5, where human consumption of animal flesh is now allowed.

This leaves us with a number of questions including, "Is vegetarianism more spiritual?" "Why is animal consumption permitted after the flood and not before?" "Was there animal death in creation prior to human sin?", a Christian website devoted to complementing science with Scripture, is one source for further study.

It's clear that vegetarianism has its origins right on the very first pages of Scripture.  Plants provide a full dietary source of food, both nutritious and delicious.  Praise God for plants - but I still love my steaks!

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