Ralph's Daily Devotional - Friday, July 6

Exodus 20:4-6 pertains to making an image that seeks to represent God, or worse, displace Him with false deities, concepts or other means as our true center of worship. 

We read these words in Acts 17:16 and 22-23.  In Romans 1:18-32, we have a devastating expose of the reasons and results of ignoring God's command against idols.  False images can also be material things we treasure above God.  Or take astrology, which believes that there are secrets hidden in the stars.  That too is prohibited since they become the focus of our attention and concern rather than God.

What about Roman Catholic images and statues of saints that we see in church?  Is that wrong  Yes, most certainly.  I once attended a Catholic service and saw a woman kneeling at the statue of Mary.  I told her to stop and worship only God.  As I left the church, at the door was a priest, and while people passed him he held out his ring and many kissed it.  Catholics call this the veneration of the saints.  I call it it the degeneration of the saints. 

These "things" are distractions at best and demonic at worst.  Our focus is not Mary, saints, priests or pastors.  St. Paul asked the Corinthians, "Who are we but servants of God?"

When Catholics reply, "We don't worship saints or priests.  We simply see them as a visible means of grace to God."  My response is, "Well, what do you think an idol is?"  This is not the same as people who have pictures of Christ on the cross, which I don't personally have a problem with since Paul states, "Jesus is the image of God."

I'm not saying that you can't love your priest, nor am I saying that Catholics are not Christian.  I simply warn all that we have allowed this nonsense of Mary and saints to dangerously and erroneously impact, confuse and cloud the clear commandment of God.

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