Ralph's Daily Devotional - Friday, July 13

We need to spend some time on this first commandment.  God puts Himself first!  He is the only one who is free and justified to do that!

Obviously, it's important to Him that we understand both who He is and what He requires of us.  He isn't on an ego trip here.  It's for our own benefit to know who He is and serve Him alone, lest we find ourselves serving something false with disastrous results, as did, for instance, the Pharaoh and Egyptians who trusted their own pagan gods.

I often hear people say, "I don't have a particular belief in God.  I do what I feel is right.  I think all religions are fine and teach love.  For me that's enough."

That may be enough for them, but it's not enough to God.  Isn't it interesting how specific many people are in everything else but God?  They want a certain car with certain options.  They dress a certain way.  They choose certain foods.  They pick special friends. But God?  Anything and everything goes.  Why is this?  Two reasons: knowledge and trust.

Perhaps they don't know who God is or perhaps they don't want to know because it will involve faith, trust and a relationship of serving.  Whatever the reason, no matter how good one is, even to the point of keeping the other nine commandments, if they begin by ignoring the first, they are out of God's will.  Spiritually speaking, one cannot get to first base without knowing and worshiping the true God. 

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