Ralph's Daily Devotional - Friday, January 26

Proverbs 1:22-27 speaks to people who are just about impossible to deal with because they refuse help.  The "simple" are people who lack the ability or intelligence to make wise, independent decisions, and remain simple by refusing wise instruction. 

"Fools and mockers," on the other hand, possess ability and intelligence, but reject wisdom to do what is right.  Together they make a good team!  Jesus called this scenario "the blind leading the blind."  Not seeking wise assistance may result from pride, listening to other fools or obstinately refusing correct instruction.

Wisdom is rooted in wise instruction calling for humility, effort and patience.  It pays dividends.  Being "scammed" is often our own simple-minded fault for listening to fools without discernment.

God has given us an instruction manual called the Bible to help us (2 Timothy 3:16-17).  But, He also gave us teachers and helpers.  We can't do or be everything.  He gave us doctors, yet many foolishly try analyzing themselves, compounding their illnesses.  He gave us lawyers, yet some naively go to court acting as their own attorney. 

God knows that we all at times become impatient, impulsive and impractical.  The hardest mistakes to face are those things we committed when we knew better.  The good news is that even in such times, the people of God are not in the same league as those of 1:22.  We sometimes fall into foolishness, but these people live in it and love it.  Big difference.

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