Be sure to check the Itineraries below, both the "events" and "general". If I am in your area I would love to meet you and if you have a home group, school, university, church, men's group, women's group, youth event, civic event, or any other venue you would like me to address, go to my contact section and fill in the form as best you can and I will promptly respond. Thank you for considering my stopping by!

Itinerary (general)

February 13-March 9, Oklahoma, Kansas

March 10, Arkansas, Tennessee

March 14-16, Georgia

March 17-18, South Carolina

March 19-22, Georgia

March 23-28, Florida

March 29, Alabama, Louisiana

March 30-April 6, Texas

April 7, New Mexico

April 8-10 Arizona

April 11-20, California

April 21-22, Arizona

April 23-25, Texas

Itinerary (events)