Book Endorsements

"God's power to transform a life never ceases to amaze me. Michael Leehan's gripping story from darkness to light will move you, challenge you, inspire you, and change you."

Craig Groeschel
Senior Pastor,
Author, The Christian Atheist

"Through the years I have been privileged to hear the amazing stories of people the Lord has set free from all manner of bondage, but none are more compelling than the story of God's power as demonstrated through the life of Michael Leehan. Because I have found freedom from my own bondage, and because I found great encouragement in the midst of my own struggle for freedom through reading the stories of other overcomers, I highly recommend Ascent from Darkness to you."

Dennis Jernigan
Worship Leader and Songwriter, You Are My All in All
Author, Giant Killer

"Truth is better than fiction, as the saying goes, and that's an understatement in regards to Michael's story. I can honestly say what you will read here will open your eyes not only to a reality our general public knows very little about, but also to the Glory of God in the life of a modern day Saul of Tarsus/Paul! Well, done, Michael! Your past doesn't hold a candle on your present."

Alice Wellington, PhD

"Mike's story will make you weep and laugh, set you free, and transform your soul! You have to read it now!"

Chris Spradlin
Pastor, Euzoa, Steamboat Springs

"Ascent from Darkness is the most compelling story of God's power over evil you will read. I know this because I have personally witnessed Michael's transformation from death to life. This book will build your faith and grow your love not for a man, but for a God who still chases those who are lost."

Chris Beall
OKC Campus Pastor,

"I believe this man is a modern day Paul. His story has changed the way I see the power of God. I have been given the opportunity to spend three days a week having coffee with the guy and would consider him to be one of my closest friends. I have watched God do so much in his life in such a short time. If htis book doesn't help you see the reality of the spiritual realm, then I am not sure what will. I pray that the spirit of God will speak to you and open you up in a whole new way to what God wants to do with your life."

Ketric Newell
Youth Pastor,